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Update:  New Video "Since You've Been Gone" Added! 

Update: New Video  "Coming Home"  Added!


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Here are just some of the songs available in Trevor Jensen's Song Library.

New Songs Uploaded!!!

Trevor Jensen Stay With Me (Solo).mp3

Since You've Been Gone - Trevor Jensen.mp3

Play It Again -  Trevor Jensen.mp3

Coming HomeV3.mp3

Now back to some of my older songs prior to the "Trevolution"! 

Trevor Jensen -Only You.mp3

Trevor Jensen - How Long Do You Really Need.mp3

Trevor Jensen - I Thought I Knew You So Well.mp3

Trevor Jensen - I Thought I Knew You So Well.mp3

Trevor Jensen - Set Me Free.mp3

Trevor Jensen -Since you went away.mp3

Trevor Jensen - Where'd You Get A Love Like That.mp3

Trevor Jensen -  I'll Keep Dreaming.mp3

Trevor Jensen- Razor's Edge I Instrumental Fast.mp3

Trevor Jensen - Razor's Edge II Instrumental (Slow).mp3